Friday, September 17, 2010


It has been long since
I lost myself
in the eyes
of another...
To sit and gaze
without a word,
drowning in the depth

Windows to a soul,
they say,
and this one brims
with kindness

Hearts swell,
pumping strong
as minutes pass,
until I begin to feel
I may just burst

There is such a comfort
here with you

I cannot begin to explain,
you have bewitched me
and managed to somehow
leave me speechless...

This is a thing I'd not
allowed myself to dream of,
and I am not yet sure
how exactly it all
came to be...

And thus, I find myself
here with you,
and it still is,
a rather pleasant surprise...


I know it isn't fair
to think or say
who knew I would be
so easy
to replace...?
I am happy he is happy,
and wish for them
the best,
but I must admit
it stings a bit...
Was I really
that disposable?

And how very
of me,
sitting here with he,
smiling liquidly,
moving right along~

I just cannot help but think,
cannot help but wonder
what she has
that I did not...
And I wonder,
yet again,
why I'm not
shiny and new

But then,
I am,
to the one
that matters
I am to him...

dip & turn

fingertips drag slow
upon this creamy skin
sending shivers down my spine...
every hair stands on end
tingling as they pass
and a certain smile
plays at the edges
of these blushing lips...
Those fingers dance along
in their way,
dipping here,
rising there,
mapping each inch
of this imperfect being...
but you don't seem to mind...
Blissful looks
in those mottled eyes,
seeing so much more
than I ever could...
you say,
though I cannot
see it.
And yet,
those fingers
worship this skin,
and I smile
yet again


I exude a certain something
these days it seems~
Smiles that refuse to fade,
I hum to myself as I
go about my day...
quiet sighs and contemplation
at random...
Even those I know only from afar
have made comments:
I am much happier these days,
but I didn't know I had a
I ooze happiness, they say~
seeps from my very pores,
infecting all around...

If only it were true,
the whole of the world
might just wear
a simple contented smile
just now.

It is all because of you,
you know...
There is a new freedom,
but that alone
could not eek out
such bliss~


You fell asleep early
so I didn't get to
talk to you before bed~
It occurs to me now
just how much that
lingering conversation
by the light of the moon
means to me~
Something is missing
and sleep doesn't wish
to come...
I dream of you
next to me
but know I will wake
to cold pillows
on your side...
Wish you were here,
this bed is awful empty
without you
And I wasn't going to
so hard
so fast
this time...
someone forgot to tell
my heart, methinks...

Monday, September 6, 2010

wishing doesn't make steak

Phone rings at last,
and brings a hopelessness
with its tones...
Melancholy seeps in
the way that it does
and latches on,
making way for
righteous anger.

I wish there were
some easy answer...
I wish there was something,
I could do
to fix it...

All I can do is
hold you,
whisper apologies
for the wrong done
by "they" so far away~

I know it doesn't help,
not really,
but I really am
so sorry...

You deserve so much more...
I wish I could save you
from it all...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


September is come again,
bringing a chill that is
chased away with
steaming cups...
toes shrink
as blood leaves them,
and blankets wrap shoulders
in reply~
The time for books
and stories grand
approach me on quiet afternoons
while the minds of the small
are kept busy at their work~
The end of summer's oppression
makes way for finer things,
and smiles linger upon lips
as anticipation builds...
What a year it has been
thus far~
What shall the autumn bring,
I wonder?
I do long to discover it...