Monday, April 18, 2011

I had a dream the other night...

And rather than screaming like a little girl and refusing to go back to sleep, which is what I should have done, I got excited. Why? Because I had dreamed up the best creepy thing I may have ever heard of. I'm going to use it in the fantasy novel/series I'm working on, so I'm just going to slip you my notes, for now.... more detail will be in the story when it's done. Hell, this might get its own full length work. Fantastic!

I was being chased by a pack of infected humans... Something like a cross between a vampire and a zombie, but the infection is a parasitic one.

The parasite enters the body totally silently, and the infected thinks they are fine for a while... but the parasite grows rapidly once in the host body, when large enough, it attaches itself to the brain stem, and takes over the host body over time.

The first sign something is wrong starts with cravings for raw human flesh... Maybe the infected tries to eat other creatures instead, to keep from killing, but eventually, the craving takes over and they run with it.

So the victims of the infected are thought to have suffered an animal attack, initially, and are not infected as well as attacked/fed on. The procreating parasite needs a healthy host for offspring & until one is found, the offspring remain within the host body of the parent until one can be found for transfer.

It slowly changes the host, both physically and mentally. The host forgets who they were before, eyes become light sensitive, so they become nocturnal, the skin lightens as a result of lack of sunlight (but sun doesn't = death), and ears begin to grow larger and pointed, as a result of the diet.

Because it's parasitic in nature, if you catch it early enough, you can preserve the host's body/personality it's like a fit of madness but you can come back from it, mostly. The parasite must be cut out of the host and removed early enough and they can be saved.

They live in houses that belonged to the former host humans, and kind of live as a hive in a nest, of sorts... I was in one of these houses and saw a girl who had been recently infected. The husband/boyfriend of her, he was out looking for her because she never came home one night, and he was trying to save her. She didn't recognize him, and it broke his heart.

The leader of these creatures is the REALLY fucking creepy thing, though. I saw him twice in my dream and he made my skin crawl... BIG guy, blood-soaked front on his shirt (from recently feeding on a fresh kill, or perhaps fresh LIVE meat... Thinking live.) and he was a self mutilator, but he went after his FACE. He'd wear a creepy ass white mask with holes for eyes when around people he didn't want to scare too much...

And his host's wife was allowed to remain fully human because she would lure the prey to him and help him infect other people. She came after me. Touched me, and infected me... In the dream anyway, but that doesn't really jive with the whole enters through the skin thing, unless she was wearing gloves, but anyway, she was creepy too. Good lord, at least those creatures were mind controlled. she was just EVIL.

Anyway. Dream of craziness. Should have awakened with "OH GOD I'm never going to sleep again." But I had to write it down. Because it was awesome.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cover art debate

OK, so I have three different choices to run with for cover art for the Nothing Lasts Forever story.  It involves a car accident along a wooded road, for reference.

I lean toward this one:


This is more how I pictured the road, itself, but the woods above are a better fit:

And this one is a decent back up, though I think I want to use this image for something else later...


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fairies of Mount Morajo

This is an excerpt from a much larger project I'm working on... a character is reading a book, this is the book she is reading. Just want to be sure it flows well enough as a stand-alone mini story.

Myrea began to realize her dreams that did not fade instantly upon waking were starting to come true around her. They were not anything important, most of the time, but she once dreamed that a man from a neighboring farm had fallen ill while hunting and did not have the energy to make his way home. She knew just where to look for him, and knew the nature of his illness so it could be treated when he was found. She became known in her village for her abilities, though they were unpredictable and she was unable to force herself to dream about things in particular. She was a kind soul, and would go out of her way to pass on the messages her dreams afforded her, and help others as she could.

Upon waking one day, Myrea decided to go to the nearby monestary, Hasad Nymath, near the base of the Morajo mountain, the largest peak within the Morejan range, which bordered the north side of Zhiyan. She had dreamed of a cave hidden in the side of the mountain, where she had met a distressed Faye, Affina.

The creature stood one hand tall, had creamy skin with silvery tattoos running along her arms and more circling her ankles. Her raven hair was coiled and piled upon her head with small tendrils hanging loose around the edges, and she wore a black dress made of thin leather which was cut at an odd angle along the hem line, starting high on one leg and ending low on the other. Myrea had assumed Fayes had butterfly-like wings, thin and filmy, varying in shape from Faye to Faye. Instead, Affina's ashen wings were made of tiny feathers, they were curved like a bird's wings, and they tucked neatly out of the way against her back when not in use.

Affina spoke to her from that cave where she remained alone, though there were clearly a number of Faye homes tucked into the walls throughout the cavern. The words were lost upon waking, but Myrea was filled with urgency, and left that morning to make the day's journey to Hasad Nymath. When she arrived, the sun had long since set, so she spoke to the Master Tzavier of her dream and her plan, was offered a bed for the night and food for her journey the following day. It was felt she should go alone, as she had been in her dream, to seek out the cave and the Faye.

That night, Myrea dreamed of Affina again, assured her she was nearby and would come to her the following day. Affina thanked her and exited the cave to show her where the Hasad sat from her view, so she could be easily found. It was the first time Myrea had spoken with a figure in her dreams, and knew the figure could speak to her in return. It was not simply within her mind, but it was truly happening; not just a vision, but something more.

The morning broke, Myrea set out as soon as enough light filled the sky to allow her safe footing on the thin path leading up through the wooded area. She stood at the bottom of the path, estimated where she was standing in her dream the night before, when looking down with Affina, and began the climb. The sun was high in the sky when the treeline broke, and she knew she was close. In her dream, the area surrounding the cave had been filled with brush and smaller plants, rather than full sized trees, and turning to look down at the speck that was the Hasad from her perch confirmed her suspicions.

Affina's cave home appeared suddenly, and the worried Faye flitted about before its opening, waiting for her. Myrea called out to her, hoping to announce herself from a distance and avoid frightening her further, but Affina's face bulged and she darted about before she realized who was calling her. Affina recognized the human standing before her, as Myrea expected she would, and began speaking quickly when she appeared at last. Her voice was small and she spoke with more speed than Myrea was accustomed to, but she had been able to keep up well enough.

Her people had been traveling together, to pick blue star-shaped flowers that only grow in the alpine grasses at the height of the vegetation line. The flowers bloom only for a short time, were being gathered for medicinal use, and were to be carried back on the backs of the village to make a single trip instead of many. It was meant to make the harvest go by faster, but as they returned home with their packs stuffed full, they had been surrounded by a pack of Drakor, a small breed dragon who enjoyed living in groups, unlike the rest of their species. There was no escape, even into the air, as the Drakor hovered overhead as well.

Affina had stayed behind to chant over the area, ensuring a fruitful harvest the following season, as she had always done, and when she caught up to them, they were bound and marched off like cattle. The little ones had been taken with their parents as well, but she was not sure if that was a blessing or a curse. She had returned to the cave after following to the valley they had been taken to, hoping for some miracle, but when a day passed and there was no word or escape, she began to lose hope. Affina entered the world of dreams, began to search for someone who would truly see her and understand, and stumbled across Myrea's dream.

It had been easy enough to touch and alter her dream, and though Myrea had arrived at last, she was still unsure of what to do. Myrea calmed her, made tea in a small kettle she had brought, and shared it somewhat awkwardly with her new friend. Affina ducked inside the cavern and appeared with a pot and cup more suited to her own size, and they sipped black tea with spices, honey, and milk while they discussed potential plans.

The plan they settled on seemed like it would never work, but Myrea trusted Affina's knowledge of the Drakor and the valley itself, and the two set out to set the Faye tribe free. They strung up simple noise-making items through the trees on all sides of the Drakor camp, and waited for the wind to rush down the valley before making their move. Between the confusion caused by the wind chimes, size of Myrea compared to the squirrel-sized dragons, and her wielding of her smooth walking stick she had taken up the mountain with her, the Drakor scattered with tiny squeals at the sudden assault. The Faye tribe roared as they were freed from their bonds, and the children flitted up to place tiny kisses of thanks upon Myrea's face.

She had accompanied them back to their homes and bid them farewell when the sun rose the next morning. Their night of celebration had ended late, and Myrea was invited to come back any time to learn more from the Faye dream walkers. She heartily accepted, though she knew she would need to make more long term arrangements for lodging if she were to do so, and bid them farewell for the time being.