Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenges are back! Snow Frosted

Welcome back to our challenges!  I hope to have these weekly again, as I am able, and am excited to see what you have for us!

As a prize, I can offer a copy of one of my published works (can be found, linked, on the left), or if you already have them, editing services for a piece of work, 5 pages or shorter.

OR (while offers last)!!!  You can steal one of my winner prizes from me!  I will GIVE you my coupon code if you prefer, to one of the winner things over on NaNo.

With this in mind, we can pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and allow the first place person to choose first, second second, and so on.  :)  (I only withhold the Dragon Naturally Speaking code.  This one's for my dad, who wants to get back into writing, but cannot always manage the keyboard for long periods of time.)

This week's challenge, Snow Frosted, needs to be to me by the end of the day Thursday, 12-13-2012.  We'll aim for 1500 words this time, anything less than that is okay.  We have been NaNo-ing it up, and 1500 is a good amount to get in a good word count, get in a good story, and not go overboard.

Remember the rules:
  • Edit your work for grammar and spelling as best as you can.  
  • Post it on your own blog and LINK it here in the comments.
  • Stay UNDER the word count for the week
  • Have it to be by Midnight, Mountain Standard Time, on the day listed above.
  • You must use the photo as inspiration for your story, in some way.
  • The work in question needs to be written FOR this challenge.  Otherwise, it is cheating!  And the point of this is to improve our skills, not win.
  • Have FUN!  :)  
See you at the finish line!!!!!!  Good luck!!!


  1. I will join but I have to find or make an email to share for a sign in. I won't allow yahoo to use the one all of my contacts are on since they "promise" to share it.

    I hope you are doing well Becca, post NaNo I mean.

    Gabrielle S

  2. I tried to format this correctly but every time I post it on Wordpress it doesn't do the paragraph breaks or anything. I must be doing something wrong, but in any case here is what I wrote for the Flash Fiction Challenge.

    1. Let me see if I can try that again...

  3. Here's mine, hopefully maybe, if it will work. :-)

  4. Here's mine. This is my first post so sorry if something goes really weird and it doesn't work.

  5. Here's mine! :)

  6. Hi there. Here I am. I made a special writing blog just for the occasion!

    Saint Matilda.



    I made it in time!

  8. Was a winner ever selected for this? I'm not trying to be pushy or anything; I was just wondering if someone won and I missed it. :)

  9. My goodness, guys, I'm so sorry!! I thought I'd posted the winner and sent the code ages ago. :( I've really been out of the loop with this! :(

    It's way too late to use the codes I was originally offering, sadly. :(

    I apologize for dropping the ball and losing it so very thoroughly!!


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