Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Plague has ended, the fog has lifted, and I begin to rise again!

Yo.  Been a while.  I've been around, but mostly on my food & fitness blog:  http://wholefoodfitness.blogspot.com/  ~  Lots of yoga, lots of juicing.  And then I went and got sick.  Great idea, that.  Highly recommend it.  Hanging out in bed, not being able to breathe, developing bronchitis while the kid gets an ear infection.  It's fun times.

I have slacked on the contest judging this past few weeks, and I'm about to remedy that.  I realized too, I ran out of pre-written contests, so this week we're running without one.  Need to filter through the pictures and get some more set up for Friday and later this month.

I'll post on each contest individually as I choose a winner, but I'll also pop up a this week, that week, etc list on a main post since it's been a while.

Sorry I'm such a slacker!  Well, really, not slacking all over, just easily distracted.  My bad!  :)  I am still around, I promise!!!

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  1. Becca, I've been away for two months, so I've not been following the contests. I'm sorry you've been ill. I'll watch for the next contest!


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