Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Anna and the ghost story

I was hanging out at a friend's house after work, with the kiddos, and it was getting late.  Anna had a falling out with the little boy there, rushed down the stairs in a fury and demanded we go home.  "Because of him!" She screamed, pointing at the other kid.

I calmed her down, we dealt with the issue that caused the unhappiness, and told her I was not ready to leave yet.  She did not have to go back upstairs, she could stay with the grown ups if she wanted, but I was not going anywhere yet.  She got all flustered and upset, then I offered to find her something to read on my Kindle.

She asked to read one of my stories, so I pulled it up for her.  She read until we left last night, asking periodic questions that impressed my friends, "What does 'subsequently' mean?"...  Mostly, this was impressive because she is 8 and didn't spell it as well, and ask how to say it.  Apparently my answer was also awesome, "As a result of something else happening, something new will happen.  So, you hit your brother and subsequently were sent to your room.  Make sense?"  She nodded and continued on.

She's still not done, but she's spending her free Sunday morning sitting with my Kindle in the living room, trying to finish the story before I abduct the Kindle and head back to work again.

Ah, kids.  What fun!  Also, even if it's a little out of their official reading level, it doesn't mean they won't LOVE it and follow it anyway!  The story she's reading is geared toward high school age, give or take a couple years.

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