Friday, August 26, 2011

Number Obsessions

Happy Friday, oh, if only it were a really REAL Friday for me.  Alas, I work all weekend.  Not on the words.  Probably not on the words at all, actually, not after this morning.  Work does tend to take over the entire three days of the weekend at the brick and mortar place that pays me regularly and provides insurance for my blow-up-from-bug-bites kid and the occasional random kidney infection.  Oh, insurance how nice you are.  How lovely it would be if you were not a worry...  WishingthiswasCanada says what?

I digress...  Kids go to school today, to Grandma's tonight, while I work tonight and tomorrow morning (yay, close/open!).  This means I have the whole morning/day/until my husband wakes up and gets distracting to get my words OUT!

So, my general goal, of late, has been 1000-3000 words per day.  Yesterday I managed 2100, day before 1800, 1700 before that...  Yeah, I do tend to obsess about the numbers just a WEE little bit.  Sometimes.  Maybe.  (Also, going to start obsessing about regularly posting here, just because.  So get used to it!)

So, let's see if I can hit 3000 words before the hubband wakes up and puts on something lovely and distracting.  You know, something like Big Bang Theory where I find myself guffawing over whimsical ducks and their umbrellas.  No wait, that was yesterday when I nearly fell in the tub...  It was funny when I wasn't falling anymore.

Tubs are slippery.

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