Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aspiring Novelist? I say NO.

You are not a FLEDGLING author. You are not an ASPIRING writer. If it is what you are made for, what you have always been meant to do, you ARE a writer. You ARE an author.

Embrace it. Don't be scared of it. Don't let people look at you funny when you say it, even at your "regular job".

If this is who you are, run with it. Be it. Show them that you can. Don't let them look down their noses at you. This is more than a mere dream.

Dress for success, online!  Set up your author pages, make your blog, create a web page.  Make a presence for yourself.  Let your name be heard.  Let them hear it and know that it means "writer".  Even if you don't have anything officially published yet, don't let that slow you down.

Search for yourself and click on the right link when you finally find it on the eighty-second page.  Bump it up, slowly but surely.  :)

Don't just sit there and say, "I want to be a writer."  That implies interest, maybe even a little desire.  But it is not enough.

Don't just "want".  DO.  If you want this, grab it by the collar, stare it in the face and DARE it to tell you that you can't.  And if it does, slap it.  Hard.  Tell it to shut it's cake hole, because you know better.  You are writer.

Roar, damn you!


  1. I really love this. You've made me decide to change my little about me thing. By "aspiring" I really just meant "not published". At 20, no one really takes you seriously when you tell them "I want my novel published." This is the kick in the butt I needed to get me in the right direction. (I've gone through five different majors in the same amount of semesters) I don't know if this was meant for me, but it certainly hit home. <3

  2. This sprouted from a random conversation on the NaNoWriMo board over on Facebook, and wasn't directed at any one person at all, initially.

    I know I see "aspiring author" and the like all over the place. And I always wonder, "Why aspire? Why not BE? Stop the dreaming and wishing and make it happen!"

    I also know I tend to sit back and do nothing if I don't make myself work, so this is just as much me yelling at ME as it is me reminding the writers all around.

    I can see not wanting to say "author" until published, but "writer"? Certainly! If you write, and you do it because you can't help but write, then you are a writer. Published or not.

    "Published" is not a state of being. It should not define you. :)

  3. You are a very aspiring lady :) Thank you!


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