Friday, February 17, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge: Frosty Path

Welcome to the third weekly flash fiction challenge of Febuary!!  Here are the rules:
  • You have one week to submit if you want to be included.
  • You are up to challenge yourself AND win a copy of either my short story, Nothing Lasts Forever, or a copy of my giant book of poetry, Bony Fingered Limbs.  Just let me know which you'd prefer, should you be chosen!  :)  It will come to you via email as a PDF file, DRM-free, so you can send it to whatever e-book-reader-device you may prefer.  ALSO, If you win so often you run out of choices, I will offer my services in editing something of yours, so there is always incentive!
  • Your word cap this week is 800 words, so it's a little shorter, like last week!  That makes it a bit harder, but I think you can do it!  We'll work our way down shorter each month until we're awesomely churning out quickie stories like pros.  It is a good thing.
  • Your challenge for this week is something I am calling Frosty Path.  Let the photo above be your inspiration!
  • Get me your submissions by Midnight next Friday morning, 2-24-12, Mountain Standard Time.  Link us your story in the comment area!  Put it up on your own blog, or on a public note on Facebook or in a Google Document file.  Somewhere so we can all see it.  Make sure you link your story!  Just  to be sure it's not passed over by accident, missed, or not included in the contest!  Thanks!

Anyway!! Let's see what you've got!  


  1. dirty dog you lol... 800 words....I'm just warmed up and into the story at 800 words! lol.

  2. Done, done, done, done. DONE!

  3. Here's mine :)

  4. I'm confused on the time frame, but here's mine. If it's late it's late.

  5. Going to go with Jennifer Don from Scriptor this time! Love the feel of it, how his mind plays tricks on him while he waits alone in the darkness. Perfect!


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