Friday, December 30, 2011

Flash Fiction Challenge: Message in a Bottle

Welcome to the fifth weekly flash fiction challenge of December (Even though half the week is really January...  You know what I mean!)!  You have one week to submit yours if you want to be included in the runnings for "my favorite" of the week.  I'm going to offer a copy of either my short story, Nothing Lasts Forever, or a copy of my giant book of poetry, Bony Fingered Limbs, to the winner.  Just let me know which you'd prefer, should you be chosen!  :)  It will come to you via email as a PDF file, DRM-free, so you can send it to whatever e-book-reader-device you may prefer.

If you happen to win enough times to run out of choices, I will offer my services in editing a work of yours, up to 3000 words.  

Get me your submissions by Midnight next Friday morning, 1-06-12, Mountain Standard Time.  Link us your story in the comment area!  Put it up on your own blog, or on a public note on Facebook or in a Google Document file.  Somewhere so we can all see it.  Make sure you link your story!  Just  to be sure it's not passed over by accident, missed, or not included in the contest!  Thanks!

Your challenge for this week is something I am calling Message in a Bottle.  Your word cap this week is 1000 words, so it's a little shorter this time!  That makes it a bit harder, but I think you can do it!

Let's see what you've got!


Congrats Frank and Josie!  Let me know which copy you'd like and where to send it!



    My somewhat depressing take on the subject. This is written for a boy I went to school with. The memory likely isn't even close to his happiest, but it's the one memory that I have of him.


    My story is a bit weird.

  3. Here's my entry for the week. A bit short (as is my time).
    I hope you enjoy,

    Story for FFC


  5. Josie's offering, You are Here.

    Keep them coming guys!! I need to write my own today too! I shan't be late this time!


    This is on my fb :) My email is, and I would like the poetry collection :) Thank you so much. Enjoy!

  7. It was a VERY rough draft! Writing during the day over Christmas break makes for a ton of chaos!!! I was just happy to have it done!

  8. OKAY! Finished this a wee bit later than I really wanted to, but here we go! And since people wanted their scores, the end number is here. If you'd like to see my full notes for you, just buzz me and I'll email. :)

    Ashleigh: 22 ~ Definitely an interesting story! I didn’t immediately spot any spelling or grammar issues, and it was generally on theme. It was a memory more than a message, but close enough!

    Nicola: 20 ~ Good story! Proof read, and check for grammar! Could have been much better if I hadn’t tripped up reading the little slips that the spellcheck missed. They were spelled right, just the wrong words! (unto instead of onto, give instead of gave)

    Frank: 24 ~ Really liked it! Some minor grammar stuff, probably due to quick proofing. Would be easy fixes! Goosebumps in the middle there. :)

    Laurie: 20 ~ Funny dialogue banter! Story not as strong as the last few weeks have been, resolution a bit weak. What did they go with? LOL

    Julia: 21 ~ I know the plan was to write it without the word message or bottle, but what I read doesn't seem to correlate with the theme. VERY well written, and otherwise, a wonderful read. Just have to dock there. :(

    Josie: 24 ~ Silly girl, saying it's really rough! If this is your "rough", you're doing beautifully. Wonderfully short, laugh out loud funny! Awesome!

    Kat: 21 ~ Can tell this is a first draft, as it is choppy toward the end especially. I can definitely tell where it's going and like the idea a lot!! If you took a little time to edit and shorten some repetition early on, you'd have more room to elaborate on the conclusion!

    Girl with the black and white photo... you crazy. But we knew that already. ;) You get no numbers!!

    L. Anne: 23 ~ Minor grammatical issues, funny story, up to the very end. :) (tense slip, comma stuff, not paragraph spacing) Was that a Harry Potter reference I saw there, with "arresting its momentum"? :D I giggled.

    Anyway! So it looks like we've got a tie this week!! Frank and Josie! Let me know what you'd like, and where to send it:

    Congrats! And it was a nice close week again! Everyone's been pretty strong overall! Mostly it's minor grammar stuff I see that could use working on, if anything, Keep up the good work!


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