Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids playing Monopoly are hilarious!

The kids are sitting at the table, I'm waiting for our soup to thicken and cool and melt some cheese, and I'm listening to their banter.  *snicker*

"This one is only 1.5 million, I have plenty.  I'm going to buy it."  Girl punches buttons.

Boy takes turn, "Mom, do I want to buy an airport?"

"Yes, buddy, you want to buy everything you can in that game."  He buys it.

"I'm going to buy this one too.  I'm going to put houses on them so you know they're mine."  She says, fishing in the box for houses.

"No," I say, stirring.  "You need to own everything of one color before you can buy any houses for them."

"Oh," she says, and puts it back.  Boy takes turn, quiet as ever.  Sister says, "This is 3 million.  Do you want to buy or mortgage it?"

"Um...  what's mortgage?"

"It's when the bank gives YOU money!"

"Wait, guys," I laugh.  "You have to buy the property first, then if you need money you can mortgage it.  But you don't want to do that unless you have to.  If you don't pay it back, the bank can take it away."  Neither of them replies, I walk out of the room, stirring done for the moment.

"So, do you want to buy or mortgage it?" She asks.

"Mortgage!  I want MONEY MONEY MONEY!   hahahhahhaha!"  Boy does Dr. Porkchop impression.

These two...  they slay me!

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