Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Copies of Nothing Lasts Forever and Bony Fingered Limbs!

Free on the Kindle store from January 5th - Jan 9th.  If you would be so awesome as to pick up, read and review, that would be wonderful!  Sales count toward ratings, and reviews help other people find these things to read!

Pretty please, if you use Kindle or a Kindle Application at all, pick up my stuff, read and review for me!!  Help a lowly beginning writer out!  Thank you so much!!  I really appreciate it!

Nothing Lasts Forever, a short story about girls in high school, and the aftermath of an accident.

Bony Fingered Limbs, a pretty good sized collection of poetry.

I know they're not up for too much in the first place, but the free promotions do help sales!  So spread it around!  Link!  Read!  Review!  Tell me what you think here, or ask questions you may have!  Hopefully it all makes sense, though!

I remain yours, forever grateful.  ;)  Now off to write my challenge story for the week!!


  1. Free stuff is cool. I will surely download them but I probably won't be able to read them right away. I gave you a plug at my blog.

  2. Wouldve loved to read it, but dont have Kindle or Kindle app. I dont think anyone follows my blog, lol. But best of luck to you :)

  3. Nicola, you can get free applications for either your computer or your phone to read on! Free Kindle Application list!


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