Monday, January 9, 2012

So you go to post your lovely story...

and you review it and it looks PERFECT. Then you hit enter and it messes. Everything. Up.

Your indents are there sometimes but not always, leaving a giant text wall on the screen. Your words all run together like you don't know what a paragraph is or how to hit tab.

You go to fix it but don't know how or what to do. And it irritates you. So you either leave it up all messed up and feel the idiot... or you delete it because you won't put your name on something that's so screwy-looking.

Yeah, I've been there. This is what I've figured out that works!!

  • You can fix that one of two ways: You can either simply put a space between each paragraph (shift + enter if you're on Facebook)
  • You can edit it in your word program. Highlight whole thing (or you can set it up when you set up the program to start), format, paragraph, indent (add one, 1", .5", whatever). Then at the beginning of each paragraph, backspace and it will fix itself. When you copy/paste after you're done, it should keep its indent formatting. (This does not appear to hold on Facebook if you are posting in notes.)
  • Paste the whole thing into Notepad. This strips off all of the formatting stuff. Copy again, and paste into the HTML setting. Switch to "what you see is what you get" and make it look how you want it to. But know that your indents won't stay. Doing this method, you're best off hitting enter and making blocky paragraphs.
Anyway. Formatting is fun. But it's good to know some basics at least! Hopefully this helps if you are having trouble!

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