Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekends... they suck away my SOUL.

Weekends.  They drain a person.  When that person has to work all weekend, that is.  The "weekend" is not MY break time.  It's my work-a-lot time.  At the "real job", not at writing.

The best I can do to come close to writing on said weekends is to read.  Read things that make me forget about working all weekend, at least for a little bit.  I'm currently reading A Wise Man's Fear, which is pretty damn awesome, by the way.  Name of the Wind was really good too, and incidentally was Patrick Rothfuss' very first published novel.  10 years in the works from what I hear, but his first.  Just shows that taking your time on something can really pay off.  :).  I lament that book 3 is not yet out for this series, but I shall wait like everyone else.  *tear*

Before that I was reading the Game of Thrones books.  I'm on book 3, there.  Before that was a smattering of other stuff, but I've read a LOT more since I started reading on my Kindle.

Anyway, so I generally don't have time on the weekends to read the contest stuff, because that requires my laptop and Scrivener so I can take notes on each mini story as I read...  and my laptop is too massive to fit in my locker at work.  That and I'd probably spill soup, or whatever my lunch of the day is, on my lovely laptop.  And it wouldn't really like that very much.

Generally speaking, I have Tuesdays off.  I will try and get the contests read and judged before I make myself go to bed on Tuesdays, but probably won't have any time to read much before then...  unless I miraculously have a day off during the weekend.  That is not likely, considering the size of my department and how every person is needed on the weekends.  It happens every now and then, but it's not a common thing at all.

SO!  I'm reading right now, I promise!  I'm recovering from the long crazy running around that happens on the weekends.  It's a lovely quiet afternoon right now, and reading is my job.  I am collected, don't smell like hot dogs or pizza anymore, and can sit for 5 minutes without someone needing something.  Until school is out anyway.

*desperate sad sad laughter fills the room*  

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