Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Hail! The Daylight Savings Gods have offered up a gift!

Oh, thank you, Daylight Savings Gods.  We praise you for the additional hour, and making us feel awake earlier in the day.  It is a natural advantage while we work toward our goals!

I love this.  I wonder if the NaNo people planned it this way on purpose.  I woke up, on my own, by 7am today.  Heck, I lay in bed thinking about the really crazy dream I'd had (and will probably never use...  but am going to write it down anyway!), not wanting to get up for a while.  Waiting for kids to be done in the bathroom so I could use it.  (yay for one bathroom houses!)

Anyway.  I don't usually get up this early.  But here I am.  Because of the gift of an hour.  Coffee just beeped at me to say it was done...  so off I go!  :)  Hooray!  Extra writing time today!!

Use it well!  ;)

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