Sunday, November 18, 2012

Over the hump

We're more than half way there, NaNobots.  Take a deep breath, revel in your word count, and be PROUD of what you have done so far.  I don't really even care if you're nowhere near the word goal for today.  You know why?  Because you did SOMETHING, and that is better than the nothing you would have done before, yes?  That is a good thing.

If you are ahead, or even have passed the 50,000 word mark, what is your goal now?  Are you trying to hit a different count by the end of the month?  Finish your story?  If you did "win" and your story is not done yet, you really should make yourself another goal!  Challenge yourself all month, whatever that means.

For me, I am aiming to write a decent amount every day, finish my story, and I assume it will be at or over 100,000 by the time it's done.  I'm trying to wake up right now, and will spend my day sprinting to try and get ahead.

If you are behind, keep at it!  Every word counts.  Get yourself a good cup of coffee, or tea, or cocoa, and relax.  This is only a competition between you and what you have done before.  Don't let the huge word count club discourage you.  They have been where you are now.  They had to figure out how to press on, too.

Now!  Are you finding yourself a little stuck?  That tends to happen about now.  The beginning is over and the middle slows things down some, and you can't see how to get it to the end, right?  If you know what your end IS, that helps a lot.  What are some basic steps to get you from middle to end?  Or beginning to middle, if you are still getting started?  Think it out.  Take your time, because taking a morning to think it out will save you days of writing funk, later.  And if you still have no idea?  Just keep it going!  You will figure it out as you write.  These stories tell themselves.

We're just along for the ride.  And that, my friends, is the magic of writing.  So sit back, enjoy your hot beverage, and get back to work!  :)  We'll see you in a few thousand words!

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  1. I've made it over 50,000, but I'm still going. My book is nowhere close to being finished... :D


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