Sunday, November 4, 2012

Writing Music, my gift to you

There are lots of questions going around, what do you write to?  So I'm going to give you my links.  These are soundtracks I put together over on ~  It's a free listening service, you can pay to have no ads if you prefer, but it can be free if you don't want to pay or don't mind the ads.

Anyway.  These are all my different playlists.  Free to listen to, free to share, free to copy to your own playlist.  I love writing to these different lists, and there's something here for every mood you need to set.  I pick something with the right FEEL to it, and play that.  So!  Here you go!  Feel free to use whatever you want!!  :)

And if you have some you love, share!!  We can always use more inspiration!

Happy Writing!

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