Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaNo Challenge! Magic in the Trees

I used to do those awesome challenges every week, then got really busy and had to stop.  It wasn't fair to participants when I didn't have time to judge everything in a timely fashion.  SO!  This is a similar idea, but mostly to be used for self challenge.  I'm going to give you a photo, and you try to add it into your NaNo book sometime in the next few days.  Then, give us a clip from your story to show how it was used.

You can take the picture and incorporate it into a dreamscape for a character.  It could be a location, something they eat/drink, be a memory...  your choice.  Just see if you can find a way to use it and then share.  :)  Just for fun, to help us move that word count along!

SO!  First photo!  :)  I'm going to call this one...  Magic in the Trees  (click image for larger)

Okay!  So, this is Saturday.  Let's try to use it by end of day Monday?  Go!  Good luck!!

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