Monday, November 12, 2012

Write-ins, fun and games, yessir

(not our local group, another NaNo write in group, hard at work)

I've been a little distracted from posting a blog post for the last few days because... well, I discovered my local NaNoWriMo region group and how much fun write-ins can be!!

There is this awesome local bookstore that is also connected to its own publishing house, and they are hosting write ins all month.  Most days between 1 and 6pm, someone will be there, for sure, and people can come write as much as they want.  There is a little snack bar if you get hungry, you can get coffee or tea if that sounds good, and there's almost always another writer in the room working alongside you.  Someone to bounce ideas off if you need to make a choice.  Someone to word war with.

There's a giant blackboard wall to write word counts on as you go, for NaNo, or quotes from things you're reading otherwise, which is fun.  You can see other people's counts even if you can't make it for a day or they aren't there, so you have a little in person way to keep track with the people you're working alongside.

We cheer each other along as we reach our goals, for the day, for the overall goal, for random milestones.  We help the girl who has never been drinking better understand what a hangover feels like, explain the ambiance in a bar, or better yet, drag her down the end of the strip mall to take her inside a little dive bar for a few minutes while one of us (me) has a drink to calm down after killing off a beloved character.

We cry as we write, fight for the best word count, and let the children of the writers play quietly in the other room while we work.  We bring each other's word counts up as we all trudge along, and together, we make each day's goals and then some.

This is just my little local group, and there are others who prefer to meet at Panera and write there.  I would be too distracted.  This is a perfect fit for me.

BUT, the point, I guess, is to get involved in your local group if you're not yet.  Start one if there isn't one.  There's NOTHING better than writing with other writers.  Writers understand.  :)

Now, get back to work!!

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