Friday, November 4, 2011

And suddenly, it's the 4th.

Where does the time go!?  I just can't say.  So, I'm still on par for NaNoWrimo, thus far.  Well, as long as I get some writing in today.

The official word count goal is 50,000.  I'm aiming for more like 75,000, since I know I'm perfectly capable of 2000 words per day, and 75k would be 2500.  Pushing myself, that's the idea, right?  Mostly, I'm pushing myself to write every day, honestly.  I do tend to procrastinate!

So far this month...  I got a good solid start on day one!  Hit 4634, though I'd hoped to break 5k.  Get a running start, as it were.

Day two, I didn't do too poorly or too great, and was still ahead for both goals at the end of the day.  Added 1689 for a new total of 6323.

So that put me ahead for the original goal (both the official and my personal) for Day 3.  Which was good, because on day 2, my brand spanking new laptop arrived and I had to do all the things one has to do in order to set it up.  And get rid of the old computer.  And for some reason, this prompted us to bring a desk up from the garage, and overhaul the bedroom/office.

SO I spent day 3 doing that.  Tossing a lot of stuff, organizing, moving things around.  I'm still not done, not totally...  but it's a good start.  I tend to do a big declutter every 6 months, if not more often, and it seems like this is the time for that to happen again.  BUT I know I can't do that and ignore my writing.

I allowed myself to not write yesterday, but only because I was ahead.  And as I don't have to work until tonight (closing shift, and a short one at that), I am aiming to get another 5k in.  Or hit 10k total at the very least.  I can do this.

You other NaNoers can too!  Go go go!  Keep it moving, even if you're stuck with where it's going!  If you know what you want to have happen later, I give you permission to write that future scene!  Pick it up and move it to its proper place later!  :)

Nobody said you have to write in a linear way.  I know it's the easiest way to keep it all straight, but it trips us up when we're having trouble figuring out how to move from beginning to middle, which is where we should all be sitting now.

Remember, the first 20-25% of your story is "beginning".  Middle is most of it, and end is the final 20-25%.  Give or take a few percentages.  Your story LIVES in the middle.  And wraps up in the end.  Get past the beginning and into the middle, and take off running!  You can do this.

Now get to it!

Postscript-y goodness!

If you happen to be a person I know in real life and are interested in seeing my work in progress as I go, I've put it up on my other writing blog.  It's partly how I back up my work so I don't lose what I've done (just in case!!  Always have a back up!!), and it's partly how I let my real life friends read along as we go.  It's set to private and I get to pick who reads.  SO, if I really know you and you want to read, shoot me a comment or a private message or email or something with your email addy and I'll get you added to the reading list.

Dragen Rayne, my inexplicable name for the place all this fun happens!  :)

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