Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Which I Take a Day off Writing to Make Bags

Yesterday was my last day off this week, and I had a blast with my son!  We met at Chick-fil-a to have lunch and trade off kids, as Grandma is keeping the girl to take her to a Victorian High Tea at the Glen Eyrie Castle here in the Springs.  It's her birthday surprise from Grandma, and she's been looking forward to it for ages!

We said goodbye to the girl, and Aaron and I took off to go run some errands.  I decided my new laptop is nice but not very portable if I don't have a bag I feel comfortable taking with me that fits it.  My old laptop backpack is for a 15", and the new one is 17.3".  So I decided to see if I could find fabric I really like to make a messenger style back with.

No dice.  There were nice fabrics, but nothing I'd want for a bag, right now.  I had some back up fabric at home and decided if I didn't find something else I liked that's pre-made, I'd have to go with that.  Target had one that fit, and it was thin and I didn't like it much.  Price was alright, though.  Best Buy had three, all too big for what I wanted, (a sleeve with pockets for my charger, mouse, and maybe my kindle)...  AND they were all around $75.  Um, no thanks.  I'll make my own.

So we went to a movie together, watched the final Harry Potter, we drove home with me answering questions for the confused boy who missed some minor plot turns, and I set to making the bag...  but when looked at how little of the fabric I had left, I was worried and decided I had better make a practice bag first, to be sure I remembered how to make a messenger bag.

Made a little one for the kindle and it's a good thing I did the trial run, because it's ALMOST too small,  And the flap is not long enough.  But it's ok, and it will work for now, and I do love the fabric...  So I made my other bag, slowly growing tired, watching Eragon and then Golden Compass with the boy, who fell asleep on the floor...  and by the time it was done (YAY!!!), I realized it was 3am and there would be no writing today.

So, I give you my bag!  Both of them:

Applix-closure to hold Laptop in place, and padded outer pockets large enough for my Kindle, or the charger.

Barely fits the Kindle, and the small pocket is big enough for my phone, or gum! 

Screw you guys, my birdie goes the other way.

Good thing I wrote ahead the other day!  And thank goodness for shower epiphanies!  I have direction again, beyond the current scene.  I knew in general where it would go, but I now have solid ideas for inner dialogue and steps that need taking.

So I'm off, to have some coffee, make some Gingerbread Belgian Waffles, and hammer out as much as I can before work this afternoon.  And yay for going in 2 hours later than my usual Sunday shift!  :)

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