Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to day 8!

How's it going, NaNoWriMoers??  I'm still at target for the original goal, though admittedly a bit behind for my own.  BUT I figured out a LOT of my problems I'd had, and can now move forward smoothly.  When I find time to write that I'm not falling asleep.

Daylight savings is kicking my ass this time around.  Uncool, Daylight.  Seriously.  Uncool.

On the other hand, it's making me wake up earlier, so I guess it isn't all bad.  I'm down with early bedtime, in some cases...

Anyway!  So there have been days so far when I just wanted to go to bed instead of working, or needed a push to keep going.  And I have found doing word sprints on my NaNo facebook group is perfect for that!  10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, and next thing I know, I'm 1500 words further in than I would have been without the push.  It's terribly helpful knowing someone else is on their computer doing the same thing you are.  And it makes it something of a race, so if you are competitive in nature, it can help push you to do your best.

I personally find dialogue is REALLY good for pushing the word count, and tend to try and make my sprints/races heavy with dialogue.  It helps with the story and building character too, so it certainly is not a bad thing!  Dialogue is necessary if you have more than one character...  or if yours is like my main character, and talks to herself a lot.  (Or the mirror, as it were!)

Anyway, so put on some music (check out my channels on grooveshark...  most are for writing!), and get to sprinting!  Even if you are sprinting alone, set a timer and make yourself sit there and NOT pull up facebook or netflix or youtube for 15 minutes.  You'll be surprised how far you can get in such a short time!  :)

Danny Elfman Style...  
James Newton Howard, general
Batman Begins Soundtrack
Avatar Soundtrack (blue monkey people, not blue arrow head)
I am Legend 
King Kong
M. Night Shyamalon Soundtracks
Last of the Mohicans 
V for Vendetta 
Firefly & Serenity  
Lord of the Rings, all 3
Chopin (not a huge collection, but what I could find on there...)
And finally, my original writing playlist.  Includes Braveheart, The Last Samurai, Gladiator, and Pride & Prejudice, among others.  Still a top contender in my writing music lists.

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