Friday, November 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011 word cloud, at 32.5k words.

This site has been floating around on my NaNo Facebook group, and I had a little fun playing with it to create myself a lovely cloud.  :)  Thought I'd share, if you have any interest in playing with it yourself.  Put in my manuscript so far and it created this lovely cloud for me.  I made it rectangular first, then decided the mirror in my story is round, so round would be better.  Redid the shape, saved again, and I've got two versions of the same cloud.  Will be interesting to see the finished cloud, when I'm all done! We'll have to compare then.  :)

Anyway, I give you my word clouds so far.  Can you tell my MC is Emily and her alter-ego is Emmy?  :)

You can click on them to see the original pic if you can't read it very well.  :)

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