Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still ahead, somehow...

I'm really not sure how I've managed to stay ahead, and on track for my higher-than-the-original-goal goal...  I have written NOTHING for two of the six days this month already.  I am sitting at 12,119 right now, and am trying to decide how much longer before my girl goes through to the other side...

So, this is why I guess I'd say it's a VERY good thing to get ahead and get as much in as you can, when you can.  It helps for the days when you fall asleep on the couch at ungodly early hours for no reason, and don't write all night after kid bedtime like you originally planned...  >.<

Speaking of...  I have 45 minutes before I need to be out the door for work today.  I should get moving!  Some more, that is.  I've managed 1500 so far today I think.  I think.

Happy Daylight Savings, people!  :)

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