Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you spend it with friends, family, all by your lonesome, with a turkey, with tofurkey, chickpea cutlets, or a turduckenbacon monstrosity, may you have a happy day.

And if you're not the one in charge of cooking and there is time, get a little writing in maybe!  We're hanging out at home with coffee, listening to the boy play MY Zelda game that my lovely husband bought for ME, and I'm not watching it because he's spent more time on it than I have and I want to see it for the first time when I play it (after NaNo!  I won't play much until I've won!).  The girl is reading by her brother and we're hanging back here listening to music.  My geeky husband is trying to troubleshoot my phone that locked up once in the last week, because that's one time too many, LOL.

Anyway!  I'm going to try and get a couple word sprints in today and see if I can knock out 2-3k words before we need to go to our friends' house this afternoon.  We're spending our holiday with friends and family together.  Our friends Jim & Jess are hosting, Jim's family will be there, and my husband's family too.  I think there are a couple others joining too, but I'm not sure which others, but it is always fun!  :)  Potluck style Thanksgiving.  Not a bad thing.

So, if you have time and won't offend anyone (that part is important!), write for a while!  And be thankful for every word you get in (seewhatididthere?)  ~  If you need to put the computer away and hang out with family or friends, that's fine too!  Just remember to make up for it tomorrow in your word count if you didn't get yourself ahead for the day already.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Harris clan, and I hope you have a lovely day!  (Pic is from Thanksgiving a few years ago, when my kids still fit at this cute table!)

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