Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victory Fudge!!!

I won, I won, I won I won I won!!!  (Imagine a little stupid looking dance, from the girl who can't dance without choreography and lots of practice)

This is a little late, as I officially won super late on Thanksgiving.  Ok, fine, it was officially the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but ONLY if you are one of those crazy people that counts "days" by the time of day.  I hadn't gone to bed yet, so in my (clearly not normal) brain, it was still Thanksgiving.  Even though NaNo didn't let me verify until the next morning.

ANYWAY!  YAY MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!    (pause for applause and overall cheering)

And thus, I make victory fudge. I thought I'd share the super easy recipe with you! :) Also, the story to go with the fudge recipe:

Years ago, when I was cashiering at Super Target in Nebraska, a little old lady came through my line with just a few things. "What are you making?" I asked as I checked her out.

"Oh, I'm making my famous double layer fudge," she replied with a smile. "I make this to add to Christmas gifts every year."

"That sounds nice! I can never get fudge to turn out for me, what's your secret?"

"This isn't a true fudge," she admitted, lowering her voice. "It's really easy, would you like the recipe?"

"Oh! Yes, if you don't mind!" I smiled widely at her, and she told me how she makes it.

This is the fudge I make now, every year, and every year I think of the sweet old lady, whose name I never knew, who gave the recipe to me. ♥

And now, the recipe:  (If you need to convert for your area, this site is helpful:  http://www.onlineconversions.com/ )

Double Layer Fudge

12oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (one regular sized bag)
12oz milk chocolate chips (one regular sized bag)
14oz can sweetened condensed milk
4sTablespoons heavy whipping cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

(optional add ins: 1t of ONE hazelnut extract, almond extract, orange extract, or my favorite: peppermint extract, OR 1/2c finely chopped nuts)

Put semisweet chips in microwave-safe bowl, or double boiler. Add 1/2 can milk, 2T whipping cream, and 1t vanilla. If adding extras, put 1/2 extract or 1/4c almonds in. Melt in double boiler, or microwave 30s to 1min.

DO NOT melt until totally melted to the eye. You want this to melt as you stir it so you don't burn the chocolate. It will not look done. Trust me, stir. If it still has clumps of chocolate chips, heat again but VERY little.

Pour semi-sweet mixture into greased 13x9" pan.

Mix milk chocolate, remaining extracts, remaining milk, and remaining whipping cream (remaining nuts if using). Melt in the same way you melted the semi-sweet batch. Pour over the top of the semisweet mixture and carefully spread around.

Chill for a couple minutes, then cut into desired sizes squares, and allow to cool fully before eating.


I move mine to the freezer after cutting, and when good and cold, I put individual (1") squares into those little white cupcake-looking wrappers. I stack them in gift tins and ship them or store in freezer until I can give them away, if they're in-person gifts.

Just don't store peppermint with plain, or the plain will taste minty too! This is a little tip I learned after making that mistake once!

This stuff is so easy to make, I made a triple batch while waiting for my coffee to brew this morning. Really. Even if you don't cook, you can make this. Just need a good spoon or scraper, a bowl to pop in a microwave, and some sort of pan to let it cool in. Go on, defy me! Make it round! Square! Heart Shaped! I don't care. But make it. *nod*

Enjoy!!! And if you have not yet EARNED victory fudge, this is still yummy. Though, admittedly less victorious tasting. :P

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