Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being naughty/busy with Harry Potter Party plans...

As such, I'm extending the Bottle Tree Challenge by a week.  I didn't have time to do it myself, though I have the idea!  Been working all day while kids are in school and home sleeping like a fool at night.  And then my son sprang it on me (via Mother in Law) that he wants a birthday party!

Well, I started to plan the birthday party, knowing he's getting the Lego Hogwarts castle and figuring that will make a lovely decoration, and his sister decides she wants to have fun too!

After all, Pumpkin Pasties, Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Pumpkin Juice, licorice wands, and dementor pinatas sound like LOADS of fun!  That being said, I'm spending all my off-work time gathering up recipes, ordering frog molds, wands, Professor McGonagall hat to complete my ensamble (just need the brooch now!), and a snitch to send them on a scavenger hunt for...  Oh yeah, and printing off foldable Maurader's Maps for party favors, and the random Wanted Poster for either Harry or Sirius, etc.  Whee!

OK, I'm having too much fun.  For now, I leave you with old Halloween pics to giggle at.  Shuddup.  You know we're awesome!

<<  The boy has since gained glasses AND a kick-ass lightning shaped scar.  Ferreals.  He fell on his face off the monkey bars and got rocks in there.  Rock on, boy!

  The girl now has glasses too, but a little wet-braiding makes her hair poof out just like Hermione's!

  Yeah, we know we're awesome!

  Now get back to work!

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