Thursday, September 1, 2011

New month, new sales report...

It's always sad, to me, to see the empty screen on my Amazon sales report.  I know it's a new month, but things were looking so pretty over there from last month!  Between all the different things I have up, UK and US sales (still have yet to sell anything in Germany, but that's ok!), I had 107 sales in the month of August.  Not too shabby for little miss no-name, eh?

But, alas, August disappeared and now it's September, and nothing has been purchased since midnight.  So my screen sits sadly blank, and I compulsively refresh to see that first sale come in.  It's pennies per sale, of course, but the point right now is gaining readers, not getting money.  I have an outside job (which I'll be late for if I don't move my fat arse soon!), that pays the bills and gives us the insurance that is so handy to have...  My kids are little destructiod monsters, it seems, and having insurance really helps when they go and give themselves kidney infections or blow up like little balloons because a mosquito found them to be tasty...

Ellipseses are fun.  Ellipses?  Plural of ellipses is ellipses?  Hmm.  (if you are not familiar, that's the three little periods in a row:  ...  I love them so!)

Anyhoo...  Blank screens are sad.

In other news, I'm starting to offer my works as PDF files, sold through Paypal!  So if you don't have a Kindle, want to put it on your computer, or email the file to your ebook of choice, you can now do so!  I made up a couple little quickie paypal buttons, and just need to figure out where to set them up and how to make them all pretty and shiny and stuff.  :)  Keep your eyes peeled.  For now, I have to run or I'll be late.

That job that pays me for being there is kinda handy, and making them angry with me for being late is not such a great idea.  Off I go then!  Happy Thursday!

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