Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today can kiss my shiny white ass.

This morning was a bit of a clusterfuck.  Woke up at 8:35.  Kids should be out the door for school at 8:30.  FAIL!  But, I suppose, the first bell doesn't ring until 8:40, and second is 8:45, so I had time.  10 minutes to get them out the door and down to their classrooms before second bell, when they'd be officially late.

I ran about, screaming like a banshee, trying to get things ready.  Anna had made lunches already, Aaron was still getting dressed (not telling anybody he did not HAVE pants to change into because he's a very modest little boy and would not come out of his room wearing just underwear and a shirt)...  We managed to get out the door, homework folders WITH homework (win!), lunches prepared (win!), and down to the school with 2 minutes to spare before the second bell.

I think they made it.  99.9% sure.  If not, there will be a tardy for the day, but I hope not.  I really hate being late, and I hate my kids being late even more than that.  Phew!  OK, crisis averted.

So here I am, after all that fun, hanging out with my coffee, staring at the computer.  In a feat of miraculous something or other, my husband is actually out of bed before noon (he doesn't start work until 2:30), and is being distracting.

He will never read this, so it's all good!  LOL  He always gets up and puts on some distracting tv show or something on his computer, and I can't focus, and therefore cannot write.  I had big plans this morning, people.  BIG PLANS!  And he goes and wakes up early and ruins them.  Sigh.

Yeah, yeah, I could put headphones on and try and make my music louder than his speakers, but who wants that, really?  I have spent half my writing existence like that, and I'm a grown woman, this is my house, and if I don't want to have to put headphones on to be able to write, I shouldn't have to.  /nod vehemently.

So yeah, foiled again.  Clusterfuck morning.  Maybe I'll be able to get something done later.  Heh.  Yeah right.  Kids get out of school early today, right around the time the hubband leaves for work.  (yes, I said hubband.  Husband, hubby, hubband!)

And thus, my day is filled with coffee, and hopes and dreams that will be thoroughly crushed.

So...  what (always) foils your best intentions?


  1. I almost called or texted this morning. Your house looked so sleepy!

    I hope you find some time to write today!

    Best intentions are most easily ruined by the draw of the computer!

  2. Huh, somehow I am logged in under a name I do not think I used for anything but ravelry. Oh well.

  3. I ended up getting a clearer thought line going on something I need to work out, on the Yuli book... wrote 600-ish words on the subject in my little glossary. So that's something.

    Needed to figure out symptoms for a certain thing, and actually write out how it works to be sure it makes sense. I think it does... Will hit you up on Facebook here in a minute to be sure! :)


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