Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cold toes, check!

Definitely beginning to feel like fall, to me.  I don't use a calendar to tell me, I listen to the wind, feel it in my bones, and let that be my compass.

Cold toes I have, and coffee or cocoa sounds great!  I think I'll go with cocoa today.  All the warm without the buzzy head later when I realize that hot drink is all I ended up eating all morning.  Again.

So it's Thursday again, and I have an idea or 18 for another challenge.  I just need to go poking around and find just the right thing to post for the day and I'll get it up.  Even though I'm the only one doing these regularly (so far!), I still enjoy it...  Makes me work, complete a little something, and deadlines are my friend.

I used to call myself a procrastinator, I'd put things off until the last minute, but that's not entirely accurate.  I might put things off a bit, but it's not because I'm lazy.  It's because I'm perfectionistic and want the very first try/draft to be almost the last try.  Most things take a little tweaking, but a little tweak is what I'm after.

I realize this is not in the spirit of the "first draft always sucks" line of thinking most writers subscribe to.  My first drafts may be rough, but I've only written a couple things where I would use the word "suck".  And I'm a pretty harsh self-critic.

Write once, and a little editing and is all it takes.  I want it to be worked out in my head before I begin, so I wait until that happens before starting something.  It's partly why I'm stalled in my book project right now.  I have ideas, but I'm not 100% sure how the ending is going to go.  So I stall and do other little things, like these challenges, while I think it over and jot myself notes.

Just thinking about it makes me tired...  Maybe I'll go back to sleep.  I have an hour and a half before I have to take off for work...

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