Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flash fiction challenge: 1000 words, spiderweb spiral

Something about this photo caught my eye, so I think we should use it for this week's challenge.  Inspiration.  Spirals and spiderwebs, where does this take you?  You have until midnight 9-22 to post on your own blog and link here!  Just for the challenge of it, again.  Will probably keep it that way unless we start having a lot of interest in these.  :)  Off you go then!  


  1. = my story for this one. Forgot to link it yesterday. Anyone else gonna hop in on this one? :)

    You have until tomorrow night!

  2. Kat wrote one in reply to mine! Here's the link for your viewing pleasure!

  3. Anna, 8, wrote this for this challenge, even though it's rather late. She did it for fun.


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