Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Sentence Story / Bottle Tree Outline

Wrote this for a Terribleminds flash fiction challenge.  Whole story, three sentences, any topic.  It also is a short version of what I have planned for my own bottle tree challenge for the week.  I did a short version here for Terribleminds as something of an outline for the bigger one.  Trying the outline thing before I begin the big work, for once.  We'll see how that goes.

Sunlight glittering off the colored glass baubles that hung from the old oak tree had been too enticing to wander away from, Morela, the ghost of a young woman, reflected from her cobalt prison.
She looked about herself and while the gleaming rainbow colors were appealing, all she saw was how trapped she was, the darkness of the other spirits trapped in the other baubles around her, and how none of them seemed to crave freedom again.
She, however, could not stand to be trapped, so at night while all the other spirits were resting in the dark warmth, she radiated all the light and energy she had pent up within herself during the day, burst her prison of glass into a hundred pieces, and was free to roam about, happily haunting the living, once more.

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