Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If I started hosting flash fiction challenges...

would you be game?  I have people viewing but not many commenting, and that's fine!  I view a lot more than I comment too...  but if I put up some challenges for people to try their hand at, to challenge themselves, would that be something you'd be interested in doing?

I could give copies of my work as prizes, or offer to help edit something for you, or it could simply be a self-challenge thing like NaNoWriMo.

What do you think?  It is a lot more fun than I thought, and I'd be challenging myself as well.  I, of course, would not be up to win anything at all, duh...  but if I'm going to challenge YOU, I may as well step up to the plate myself, eh?  :)

So!  Yes, no, maybe so?  (starting to sound like a country song!)  And would you like editing help on some other work, a copy of something of mine, or would you not need anything for incentive?  :)  I'd be down with whatever!  Or if you have other thoughts for prizes, I'd be interested to hear!

This is a first cup of coffee thought, today.


  1. You know, I may just challenge myself on here anyway, and people can join me if they want! :) That may be the way to get it moving.

    Will have to think up a topic here pretty soon...

  2. I will unless I brain fart and forget! I need to work on writing again!

  3. You know I will keep linking things on facebook and g+, and harass you forever. ;) It's my job!

  4. I would like the challenge! I am currently working on a difficult piece of work and I have a blog too. Let me know!


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