Sunday, August 8, 2010


sagebrush mingles with
wilted thistles and sun-dried grass
as watercolored clouds smear blue and grey
in streaks of rain across the horizon-
animal-human mutant faces
blur the cool mid-afternoon sky
while the pac-man lines in passing pavemant
count one-two-three-one-two-three,
putting that detestable 900 miles
between myself and happiness again-
hunger churns within my belly, wearing away;
connecting to the hollow place in my chest
as antelope are spotted at a shallow creek

-looks so lonely in that
ocean of barren land-

the only thing keeping me from
spilling those hot tears that I know are waiting...
the only thing coaxing this sugary smile to stay
is the sound of your music peppered with
conversation and Mikey's company;
the scenery only resonates emptiness,
begging to use my voice
to tell of its
utter bleakness.

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