Sunday, August 8, 2010


Your words hurt last night
stung, but it was today
that they pierced the
purpled flesh of this fragile heart-
you said you'd been dating
this other girl, sorta,
and, at first it didn't bother me.
but I've been in those shoes before

I know how it burns at your soul
when you find out the one
you thought was yours
belongs to someone else now-

I feel like you lied to me,
really, by not mentioning it before-
I'd almost like to call her,
say I'm so sorry, I didn't know,
but what's the use?

more than anything,
it hurts to know
you're capable of that...

you're not that guy
who tore my world apart, no,
for a flicker of a moment,
I saw a piece of him in you
-and that hurt-

don't be that guy...


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