Monday, August 9, 2010

facial scars

five years old
curious about the kitty
we were watching for my uncle-
big kitty
mean kitty
didn't like kids

he was eating his breakfast
one day
and I squatted beside him,
reached out to pet his head
he looked at me,
didn't growl,
and went back to his food.
I thought he wouldn't mind,
so I smoothed the fur
between his ears,
and again

next thing i knew, he lunged for my face-
took a chunk out of my right temple
and a little from my forehead-

had to go to the hospital,
they thought I needed stitches,
but all I got was green soap

I remember I was mad
because I couldn't go swimming that day-
we took the bad kitty to the
humane society to be
disposed of
and brought a kitten home instead-

now, when I smile,
I look like I have a dimple
by my right eye,
and there is a small crater-like scar
in my forehead

You'd think I would hate cats,
wouldn't you?

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