Sunday, August 8, 2010


hug the curb but don't slow down
-oh no, you could be late-
God forbid you take a look around-
for just a moment, just once,
pay attention...
to the rabbit nibbling absently
upon a blade of grass,
ears twitching at the
ruffle of feathers up above
as a sparrow settles on a branch
with a quiet call

-notice the way the creek curls,
winding around smooth stones
and knotted roots that bare themselves,
white grains in sharp contrast to
healthy blackened soil

-listen for a second,
turn down the radio and really listen
as the chirping of the crickets
raises in harmony with the complaining screech of locust
and the whistling of the breeze
between the turning leaves

pay attention and see the way
we swallow up creation with concrete,
lawn mowers, housing projects, and plows-
look, but don't blink.
for it could soon be gone

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