Sunday, August 8, 2010

inhumane society

wrong place wrong time
tail-lights gleaming
breaks squealing
sickening thud-
even worse, a cheer;
poor thing lay there crying
as a beige tailless tabby
tried to help her striped friend-
a neighbor's pet
turned to roadkill
and all you can ask for is
a shovel and a bag?
you, you who swerved to HIT
the year-old-cat who now lays still
in a small puddle of blood-
as rain drenched my shoulders
and soaked bare feet,
I tried to call, tried to help... help...

I couldn't leave her there

you walked away to leave me with her,
YOUR mangles mess

I don't care-
take your laughing "oops what now"
and run away

I hope you dream of her
but I hope she hits you this time.

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