Monday, August 9, 2010

lightning bug glow

I want to go back home
to chicago,
the city where the night doesn't sleep,
where the traffic hums
and people swarm like flies,
masses upon masses,
to and from wherever-

I want to sit on the beach at night
and watch the waves
roll and roar against the rocks-
I want to go back home with you,
to show you the places I've been,
the places I've seen;
a place where the music comes alive
every night, somewhere-
a place where you can sip a latte
and read a poem aloud-

the lights in winter,
the snow upon the frozen sand,
the library, just bursting with knowledge

but it wouldn't be home without you by my side-
it would just be that hollow place
it was before-
so come with me, love-
take me home with you-
take me back to the place
where I can feel free once more-

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