Friday, August 27, 2010


So it was all a bomb
set in time,
the only thing I didn't know
was when the click would come...
I saw it there,
in the corner,
looming ominously,
saw it, and trembled.
How could I do
all this
It sat there ticking
for the longest time
and all I could do was
Until one day that bomb of his
opened eyes I didn't know it had,
and it smiled at me.
It spoke to me of strength,
of letting go of fear,
of walking my own way~
And so, on I moved,
draping a lovely blanket
so I didn't have to see...
and when the day came,
click, and such a quiet boom,
I ducked to protect myself
but the words remained.
When the dust settled,
the strength I had found
once upon a time
lingered on ~

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