Monday, August 9, 2010

Erin Lynn

ray of sunshine
infinately patient
words of wisdom passed through
lips wet with wine

such a sweet spirit
so giving
so loving

so glad I got to know you
so sad you had to go
how we'll miss you here

you're with the angels now
where you belong

we don't understand
we don't pretend to
and we can't help the "why?"s

why did you have to go so soon?
why did you have to leave us here
especially your darling husband

how he aches for you

this is a glipse of
I know...
this endless emptiness

days go by and I try not to think about it
try not to think about what happened
how scared you must have been
how you must have lingered
hoping someone would come back
hoping someone would help you

I can only take comfort in the thought
that you are up there
where angels sing
where you belong
and think that maybe we named our little boy
for a reason beyond what we thought

you are not forgotten

06-12-79 ~ 06-04-06

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