Monday, August 23, 2010


My heart was returned to me
at last
and it can fill its former place again~
It has been vacant for some time now,
though I had assumed
it was not.
Silly me for not checking in
now and again to be sure...
So I inspect this purpled fruit,
and see the bruises that begin to fade
but surprisingly not much damage
He dropped it, I see,
but did not break it entirely...
The old stitches remain,
of course,
but there is no need for new ones.

And so, I dust the empty place,
pull down the cobwebs,
shine it up like new,
and carefully I return
this pulsing thing
to its shelf.

Home, it says.
Welcome back, say I.
Rest, rest.
There will be time
for new adventures
soon enough.

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