Sunday, August 8, 2010

first freeze

morning shatters dewy yawns
with alarm clocks and pets begging for food
and I glance with this quirky smile
to the space beside me

somehow I thought you might be there

toes beg for the heavy covers
as I finally decide to crawl out of bed

at least it isn't a WOOD floor
I run the water for a while before
I step into the tub,
steam rolling over the edges,
spilling onto the floor,
making hairs rise in the sticky warmth-
I laugh at the way my hair
styled itself in the night,
again silently nothing the need for a trim...
tomorrow, perhaps

but today was made for
home-made bread and hot apple cider;
comfy couches and thick books;
sleeping cats curled up in the crook of a knee

it's a day of sunshine and open windows,
just to have an excuse for a sweater

with days like these,
how can you NOT be a morning person?

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