Thursday, August 5, 2010


a silent tear
rolls down a
soft sober cheek
only those hollow eyes
say a word
it's not sadness
it's not happiness
a tear falls just
to fall.
that happens too often
to be
fall fall fall freely
stream down
flood my eyes
world, sit still
for but a moment
I'll be ok.
I just need a
good cry
I wish I had
a shoulder to
share my tears with
oh well.
I don't
and still,
I'll cry



i used to be afraid
to let anyone see me cry
used to think it showed
and I am strong
-really I am-
but now I cry openly,
in the bus station,
in a coffee shop,
in front of my parents
(who never saw me cry-
I wouldn't let them)

I cry too often lately


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