Friday, August 6, 2010


I tried to sleep,
I did,
but I kept turning,
hearing music in the backround
wanting to sing along

the phone rang and the bubble popped
and now I sit at the keyboard
at 7:42
barely awake
and I wonder if I'll ever really sleep again

soon I'll curl up on the couch
and close my heavy eyes
and smile
as I drift away to somewhere
I've never seen before~
::yawns:: nite. or morning, as it were


I can never sleep anymore
I sit awake until
early morning
staring blankly
at the phone
wondering why
it never rang all night-
silly me, he's in bed-
I stopped caring about
my sleeping habits
long ago
when I realized I didn't have
good ones
and now, when I need
some rest
any rest
I can't even coax myself
to bed-

I think this is it:
I'm afraid of waking up
and having all of this
be a dream


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