Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last night we sat there in the car
said we didnt want to go home
-I didn't anyway-
and we decided to go driving.
to Lincoln.
for no apparent reason.

So we filled up the tank and I told the
gas station attendant we were going
just in case we were to die along the way
someone in omaha would know
we had gone...
I don't know why I did that...

I got in the car and I told jen
and she started freaking out
talking about Mikey and Amy
and the gas station attendant
who was torn between his need to stay
with the pumps
and his desperate desire to help
find Amy and Mikey... dead in a ditch
even though they weren't dead yet.

Don't tell stories like that
in the car when someone's driving--
not loudly and importantly
as though the world is going to end
if you don't finish the tale...

We got to Lincoln
ate at Village Inn
-it was weird, to not see our usual crowd, but hey, we were in Lincoln-
went to a piercing shop
and drove home
at 2:30.

well, it was a fun story to tell at work today...

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