Sunday, August 8, 2010


Her name is Lisa
and she's oh, I'd say
11 or 12 years old
like she's still small
but, then she's not..
She loves to play with fire
shuts the door behind her
always always always
gets bored and turns on the tv.
She didn't like the new mirror
in the bathroom
so one day she picked it up and let it drop.


She stops the cd player on sad depressing songs
and hopes someone will hear the words ~
She throws down the picture frames
and fiddles with the light switches,
makes faces in the smoke of incense,
steals the fish tank filter
but is nice to the cat.
Lisa... such a strange sad child.
She had a lock on her door.
She begged for weeks to get it there.

What was she scared of?

"If I die before I wake then you'll know why"
said the song she stopped the other day-
But why? And how, dear little one?
For Lisa is the ghost child
who sleeps in my new room.
She lays upon the floor and I can feel her presence there.
She died and I don't know why,
I dont know how,
I only know
all she wants is to be noticed;
to not be so alone.
I want to help her.

But tell me,
how do you help a ghost?

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