Friday, August 6, 2010

lost (2)

an ocean of time
washes thickly over me
drowning these eyes in salt-
no wind to speed things along,
only tumultuous grey blue waters
saddened, as my heart,
to have to keep us apart-
each breath until you near
is more wild gasping
arms flailing about
in an effort to keep myself alive
if only to see the light
that appears in your eyes
when I near

take me from this place
and bring me safely home
to finally find sleep
within the warm shelter of your embrace

I plead with the ashy sky
begging for any sign of hope
but the sun hides herself
from my searching face

and then I see you
on some distant shore,
watching for me.
but you do not see,
you only weep
and I long to kiss those tears away
to search your eyes for
a hint, even,
of a smile-

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