Sunday, August 8, 2010


morning light glints off chrome
flashing in my eyes
while I hover here in
twilight sleep

spring mornings smile at me
while hearts in pink and red remind
all too well
that I am yet alone

sky blue fingertips and
crazy dark brown hair
I may look put together but
I'm not

molded smiles and
old fairy tales
soap bubble dreams
lasting for a moment of
swirling splendor
carried off like dandilion seed
upon the wind

one drip and the world comes
spinning up at me
to leave me here
a shallow spash
upon the thawing earth

but the air is crisp and warming
the yellow sun smiles down~
gorgeous morning
I know ~
I just wish my heart
wasn't made of lead
just now
so I could fly away
to cloudless sky

I wish it weren't so cold in here

in me

I'm just so hollow this morning...

wake up, love, it's just a dream...
(I only wish)

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