Sunday, August 8, 2010


what a sweet breath of life you are...

afraid of nothing
except the realizations
of your own heart
-oh no I love her run away-
a smile that made the world
melt away-
the way you looked at me
when you saw I still waited
just to be sure you were ok-
the way your eyes said you
never really wanted to leave-
calling my place "home"
without even realizing it-
the laughter in your voice
when I called just to say hi
(though I knew you were busy working)-
the gentle sorrow when we agreed
this was the best thing in the end-
when I knew you never really
to let go...
neither did I-

the small whimper I was never meant to hear
when you called to tell me
you miss me...

my heart aches for you,
I sometimes think you hear its
lost beating in the wind-
my arms still reach for you
in the night, somehow hoping
to find you there, arms unwilling
to let me go...
I don't quite know what to do sometimes,
but I know this:
I miss you

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