Friday, August 6, 2010

sigh (2)

this grey afternoon
chills brittle skin
and chapped smiles,
clouds rolling over themselves
in tumultuous elation~
autumn has returned
with her taciturn grief
for something long-since lost...

turning leaves titter in
breezes from the north,
knowingly whispering cruelties,
"steamed milk with caramel...mmm"
when I have no access to
caramel flavoring...

brown leaves crunch beneath
frozen-toed leather boots
as the sky threatens
vainly "I'm gonna...
well, i WOULD do something
if I had the energy..."

grey hues taint the
brightness of yellow and green,
making hot chocolate sound
as I sit here
begging the clouds for
just a hint of

september in nebraska...

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